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5 Unique No-Equipment Home Workout Moves You Are Not Doing

Instead of primarily focusing on your upper body part and building a love and hate relationship with your legs while at the same time dreaming for the strong, well shaped and jacked legs of your fitness icons , start giving the leg exercises the attention and love they deserve because you may not even know but not training your legs enough will reduce your overall body fitness progress. But, Why?

First, your largest muscles are placed in your lower body area. By effectively and often training them you secrete maximum anabolic hormones and build lean muscle mass all over the body.

Secondly lower body development automatically means  bone strength, balance, stamina and explosive power, and a creation of a solid and stable foundation for all physical movements.

Heavy barbell and leg presses are great way of training your lower body, but they are not the only exercise option at your hand. There is another way of effective training lower body targeting without the requirement of going to the gym.

It’s called body weight working out. The following 5 moves we have specially  selected for you will provide you with a magnificent muscle body and some extra weight dropped.

#1. Reverse Lunge Shrimp Squat

Stand with your feet brought together and your arms reaching forward at shoulder height. Take a step back with one of your legs and lunge down. Hing at your hips and bring the back knee down to the ground.

By lifting your back foot off the ground bring your heel toward your glutes then drive through the heel of the  leg you stand  and fully extend the hips and knee to stand up, using only your front leg.

#2. Spider Squat Jump

You stand on your feet hip-width apart and your arms by sides. Squat down by touching the floor between your feet with only one hand while reaching the back behind you with the other.

As you explode up out of the squat, jump and turn 180 degrees. Land as gently as you can , and immediately squad down again with your opposite hand touching the ground between your feet. Alternate the sides as quickly as you can.

#3. Sweep-the-Floor Crossover Lunge

Stand on your feet coming together and your arms in front of you. Extend one of your legs forward and sweep it around in a large circle from front to the back , just above the floor.

By remaining your hips square , bring your leg all the way behind then across on the diagonal before placing your foot down and bending both knees in a curtsy lunge. Stand up and sweep the leg back around in front again and across on the forward diagonal. Lunge again. After completing one side switch to the other.

#4. Kneeling Jump Squat

Kneel on the floor with your knees under the hips and arms by sides. Sit back with your hips while keeping your head and chest up. Swing your arms back and then again swing them but this time forward and quick, and explode your hips. Land with a deep squad and your feet flat on the floor. Drive through your heels and extend your knees for standing up.Repeat.

#5. Adductor Bench Plank

Lie on your side on the ground  with a fully extended  legs, perpendicular to a flat bench or a table and place one elbow on a mat underneath your shoulder. Position  your top foot on the bench while your other foot and your hips remain on the ground.

Brace your core and lift the hips so that your body forms a straight line from head to toe, while simultaneously lifting the lower leg that’s underneath the bench and pushing it against it (if possible). A holding of 10-30 seconds, without letting the pelvis swing is required. Lower back down and repeat. When done completing , switch sides.

The Wheels of Steel workout

After completing an effective  warm up muscles set enriched with a series of light cardio exercises and dynamic stretches, perform the exercises immediately one after another. If conditionally incapable , at least  the rest pauses should be no more than 30 seconds long.

Reverse lunge shrimp squat: 3 x 10-12 for each leg

Spider squat jump: 3 x 5 in each direction

Sweep-the-floor crossover lunge: 3 x 10 for each leg

Kneeling jump squat: 3 x 10-12

Adductor bench plank: 3 x 10-second holds on each side


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