How to Get Rid Of Stomach Ache and Abdominal Pain

If you are suffering from any indigestion problem then you may experience stomach ache and abdominal pain sometimes. Approximately, everyone experiences stomach ache or indigestion from time to time after eating or drinking. If you are experiencing such issues you can try some most useful and totally natural home remedies for the betterment of your condition.

Some of the most popular home remedies to get rid of stomach ache and abdominal pain are given as below,

  1. Plenty Of Water Drinking

Staying well hydrated is the best strategy to combat stomach ache and abdominal pain. Water is essential for the digestion process and to absorb the nutrients from the food. If you drink less quantity of water it will make you dehydrated and dehydration can make the stomach ache and abdominal pain more severe.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is being used to cure the upset stomach and inappropriate digestion process. The chemical present in the ginger gingerol and shogaols can help in reducing the stomach ache and abdominal pain. You can take the pinch of ginger powder with water or even you can consume the ginger tea for the better results as well.

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  1. Cloves

Use of cloves is one of the most effective home remedies for indigestion and stomach ache. Cloves are full of the substances which cause a reduction of the gases in the stomach and it increases gastric secretions. Clove speed up the digestion process and causes a great relief from the abdominal pain and cramps. Further, cloves are helpful in curing the vomiting and nausea.

  1. Aloe Vera Juice

Drinking Aloe juice during the stomach ache and abdominal pain causes a great relief. Aloe juice reduces excessive acid from the stomach and improves the bowel movement. Aloe Vera juice removes the toxins from the body and improves the protein digestion.

Aloe Vera Juice reduces the inflammation of the stomach and digestive tract. In one study it is suggested that taking 10 millimeters of Aloe juice for 4 weeks can reduce the stomach ache and abdominal pain remarkably.

  1. Mint

Use of mint highly recommended if you are suffering from the stomach disturbance. Mint causes a reduction in abdominal and stomach pain miraculously. Mint is used for curing the bad breathe and causes sweeten breaths. Mint relaxes the intestines muscles and prevents vomiting and diarrhea.

You can use mint either in cooked or raw form. Mostly, mint are boiled in water and people make a tea of mint and consume. Mint candies are also available in the market you can buy from the market.

  1. Figs

Figs are full of a substance called laxative. A laxative is a substance which is used to ease constipation and bowel movement. Figs contain substances which reduce the stomach and abdominal pain. If you are facing stomach pain and abdominal cramps you should eat raw fig fruits a few times in a day. You can make tea from the fig leaves. If you are having diarrhea then you should avoid consumption of figs.

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